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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

My day, a trip to the hospital

Today in the 2nd break at school, I started feeling fizzy and at the same time pain in my chest. Whenever I opened my eye and looked at something that was well-lighted I was losing my balance and see black for some seconds, so natural friends started circling me and recommended me to go and take permission from the school's office to go home. In the state I was at the moment I agreed.

The confusion later was amazing. The schools director and a teacher came, the teacher gave some sugar cause he thought that I had low sugar, then I called home, my mother was at work at the moment and that she will try to come as soon as possible without risking losing her job (I was trying not to scare her so I tried to sound ok). After I told the teacher and the director that my mom can't come right away, two of my friends present at the moment got the idea of calling a taxi which again I agreed. One of them got outside to call a taxi but when he came back he told us that he's mom would come to take me. And the problem for me is in the conversation that came:

Me: Ok.
Friend 1: My mom will come and take you.
Me: Why, we could just take a taxi?
Friend 1: She will come with a taxi.

'I couldn't understand his thinking...why we couldn't just take a taxi ourselves?'

'Then he again said something but I don't remember what he told me after that, the pain started again harder than before, if I wasn't already sitting on a chair I would collapse.'

We got outside waiting for his mom, Friend 1 and Friend 2 came outside along with the director. Ten minutes passed, the director was continuously checking on me, but none came. Twenty Minutes passed, I was feeling worse and worse every minute,he talked (Friend 1)  with his mom or dad on his phone, when I asked him where she is, he told me that she called school to ask if (again I didn't understand one word he told, so I just waited). After 30 minutes to my fear and surprise I see an...Ambulance, a freaking Ambulance.

I got in, the paramedic told me to lay on that thing and started to connect wires to me, then started asking me questions:
Par: - Smoke?
Me: - Yes
Par: - Drink?
Me: - Yes
Par: - Smoke other things?
Me: - No.
Par: - Have you ever smoked other things?
Me: - What other things?
Par: - Come on, I won't say anyone. (It's like she wanted to hear that I did)
Me: - Way back...2-3 years ago (I wasn't ashamed a bit, I like to experiment a lot)
Par: (Quiet, checking my pulse)
Me: - Is there a problem?

'And we just got to the hospital, I told her that I could walk, she advised me to sit down then took me in.'

And there is my greatest fear, me being in a hospital. My heart was beating like crazy almost like it wants to get out of my chest, my whole body vibrating to the idea of a hospital and everything related to it.

They took me inside, lot's of faces got around me asking me for my name, age and what happened, I probably said the same thing 7-8 times. Then again the wires, the syringes in my veins, the blood taken out, the life sucked out of me (kidding: just the way I felt in that exact moment). I just wanted to get out and run away from the hospital, after all those examinations a Dr. Friendly came to me, redid all those examinations and....he wanted me to stay there 3 days.

I asked him if it's possible to not stay in there...he told me it's not possible (I knew he was lying, but I just kept quiet). They gave my things, and took me to a room and my roommates were Romani (not to be confused with Romanians.

So I get up, walk to the closer desk, ask If I can get out, they gave me a paper, they told me to sign in 5 places (That paper was saying that I denied treatment) and wait for exit papers. Guess what? I just left walking like a zombie and drunk in the same time. 1 step front, 2 back.

* I don't have anything against Romani, long time ago my best friend was Romani, they were just looking a bit intimidating.

That was my day till now, how was yours?
Events happened in greece.
5 Tao[X]: My day, a trip to the hospital Today in the 2nd break at school, I started feeling fizzy and at the same time pain in my chest. Whenever I opened my eye and looked at some...

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